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2023 Las Vegas Outlaws

2022 Las Vegas Outlaws

2021 Las Vegas Outlaws

2020 Las Vegas Outlaws

Team Titles

2020 GSL Champions

2020 GSL Champions
2022 West Division Champions

2022 West Division Champions

2023 Team Bio

Team Name: Las Vegas Outlaws

Year Founded: 2020

Current Owner: Austin Snelick

Owner Bio:

Austin is the main fields expert for the GUD, and is in charge of the Gridiron Fields Database. Austin is also the current website administrator for the GUD. Austin is a big fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers, (given really no choice for another team at birth), and has seen almost every Steelers game since 2001. The Steelers appearance in Super Bowl XL is the first time Austin really started paying attention to field designs and football uniform aesthetics, often getting in trouble for drawing football fields in grade school. In his full time job, Austin is a Computer Scientist/Systems Administrator/Database engineer.

Current Logos:
Las Vegas Outlaws Logo
Current Wordmark:
Las Vegas Outlaws Wordmark
Current Uniform Combinations:


Current Field Designs:


2022 Team Bio

2022 Team Name: Las Vegas Outlaws

2022 Owner: Austin Snelick

2022 Logos:
Las Vegas Outlaws Logo
2022 Wordmark:
Las Vegas Outlaws Wordmark
2022 Uniform Combinations:


2022 Field Designs:


2021 Team Bio

2021 Team Name: Las Vegas Outlaws

2021 Owner: Austin Snelick

2021 Logos:
Las Vegas Outlaws Logo
2021 Wordmark:
Las Vegas Outlaws Wordmark
2021 Uniform Combinations:


2021 Field Designs:


2020 Team Bio

2020 Team Name: Las Vegas Outlaws

2020 Owner: Austin Snelick

2020 Logos:
Las Vegas Outlaws Logo
2020 Wordmark:
Las Vegas Outlaws Wordmark
2020 Uniform Combinations:


2020 Field Designs: