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Chicago Bears c.1968
1) Seattle - 76, 79
2) San Fran - 68, 69, 59
3) Washington - 69, 59, 61
4) Cleveland - 69, 70
5) Detroit - 69, 59
6) Chicago - 69, 59
7) LA - 69
8) Green Bay - 69
9) Baltimore - 69
10) Minnesota - 69, 70
11) New Orleans - 69, 68, 67
12) Pittsburgh - 69, 72
13) NY Giants - 69
14) StLouis - 69
15) Dallas - 69, 81
16) Houston - 68, 70


This is the first and only website devoted to documenting the uniforms worn by every NFL team since 1920. Because the documentation has never been officially done we encourage contributions from those who can provide visual evidence.

It is important to point out that this site is in no way affiliated with the National Football League™. This site was created strictly as a visual reference and for the betterment of that bit of Americana we refer to as American football history. Because this is an ongoing research project we will be updating whenever new information becomes available so please check back often.

In an effort to make this a legitimate guide it is important that we explain how the information has been gathered. There are numerous ways to collect the evidence but one of the best ways is actual dated photographs. We have researched a number of these areas and have found that even publications by the NFL are inaccurate. Whenever possible we have tried to make educated guesses where the factual gets clouded. Please, if you have actual physical evidence that can 100% refute what you find on these pages, please forward us a copy with a bibliography. We will also be introducing a bibliography at a later date of some of the publications and periodicals that were instrumental in our research.

THE TEMPLATEBaltimore Colts c.1959
The template you will be viewing is of our own creation. It is modified to reflect the evolutions of the football uniform over the years. Decades are not broken down precisely but rounded to an approximation of when a major uniform modification was made. For instance, our 1959 template begins the single-bar facemask era. Now we know that facemasks exsisted long before 1959 but it was not really an institution until about 1959. You may dispute this logic but it is the only way to really base a change in uniform technology.

Also, at times you will notice the smallest subtlety to a uniform. For example, the uniform number may have changed in style. One thing we have noticed in our research is that numbers were sporadic at best. We have found that even a team photograph from a single year can show multiple styles of numbers. The cold facts are that NFL uniforms have only recently become consistent. The 1972 Dolphins - perhaps the greatest team of all time - had the most inconsistent uniform to date. Within the same game there are photos where Csonka is wearing a non-striped jersey while Bob Griese wears a striped one. So you see, there will be exceptions to every rule. The important thing is that a general presentation of what was worn is documented.

At a later date we will be going back and adding details like patches, throwbacks, etc..

The navigation of this site was perhaps harder than the research itself. We wanted to make it easy to find the exact year you may be looking for. The way we have designed this site might not be the most convenient but it is our effort to refine this site until it is easiest for you the viewer. Basically, you will be able to find a team by year. At a later date we will offer a search by team.

If you have any questions or comments please contact the webmaster by clicking the contact area above. Thank you and enjoy.


The artwork depicted on these pages is in no way affiliated with the National Football League™.
The uniform template is the exclusive property of Craig C. Wheeler and may not be used by any other party without the written consent of Craig C. Wheeler. Any unapproved use of this template or recreation is prosecutable under international trademark laws.